Fun Facts

Event Cycle 6 - Issue #1


A rarely known psychological state that can give a person a sense of emptiness based on his or her own uncertainty.

In a world where information is so easily accessible, it can be difficult for people to determine what is or isn't true. From liberals and conservatives reporting on the same issue but having a different interpretation to religious people and atheists showing research and both having compelling evidence that happens to contradict each other, we have a hard time determining what is true. Aporia is that sense of confusion of not knowing what to believe.

People also experience Aporia when they have believed in something wholeheartedly their entire life but then find out later it was false all along.

This is why Aporian Comics is our name and "Blurring the Lines Between Fantasy and Reality" is our tagline.


Quetzalcoatl, also known as the Feathered Serpent Deity, is a sun god from Mayan and Aztec mythology.  He is said to have created humans the fifth time after they were created four previous times, but later destroyed.

When Proteus inserts the crystal key into the dash of the scout ship to activate it, the face on the dash is Quetzalcoatl.


The Majestic Group team is the military sect of the Majestic 12. Majestic 12 or MJ-12 is believed by some to be a group of individuals formed under U.S. President Harry S. Truman. The purpose of this group was to recover and investigate alien spacecraft.  The group is composed of everything ranging from scientists to government officials.


A manual allegedly created by the Majestic 12 that was meant to act as a guideline during the recovery of alien spacecraft or extraction of alien technology.


As of now, Atlantis is still considered to be nothing more than a mythological island from the past.  It was supposed to have been home to the most advanced civilization in the world before its eventual destruction by sinking into the sea, most likely due to a large tsunami.   Atlantis was first mentioned in the works of the Greek philosopher Plato.