Event Cycle 6

Issue #1 of the exciting, new 8-issue limited series from Aporian Comics!

The citizens of Atlantis have been secretly observing human progress for thousands of years. When they discover that their ancient alien enemies are returning to Earth to enslave mankind, they must initiate a plan that was put into place ages prior. The plan will activate superpowers in humans in order to give humanity a fighting chance against the arriving enemy.

Unfortunately, there's something else threatening man's existence. Every 26,000 years, a natural disaster wipes out almost all life on earth and the next event is almost here. Having seen it five times before, Atlantis now has a plan in motion to prevent it, but they will need the new super-humans to help them.

Science and spirituality must come together to fight a war on two fronts in a race against time and the outcome falls on the shoulders of a team that doesn't really like each other, let alone trust one another.

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