About Us

I have always loved movies, comic books, history and mythology. Movies and comic books might seem obvious, but mythology and history are just an extension of that. It's all about epic storytelling. Stories that change the course of humanity. These stories can be happy, tragic, action-filled, and romantic. You name it.

When I decided to create Aporian Comics, I thought about these things. So many comic companies are tied to the continuities they create and I love all of them, but what about the "continuities" humanity has created? The victors of a war have always changed history to suit their needs. The prevailing religion has always done whatever it could to eliminate all remnants of the previous ideology. What if history itself demanded that the truth be told in order to save humanity?


And while exploring this new universe, what if we had an opportunity to create new and exciting characters with diversity in mind? Not rehashes of the same old characters, but new, completely original characters!

Aporian Comics sets up a very unique comic book universe that is tied to real history, conspiracy theories, fringe theories and everything else in between that exists in the real world. A universe that invites diversity by creating stories based around cultural legends of the world.

I hope you join me in this unique adventure and I welcome all of your thoughts as well as your theories. The stranger they are, the more welcome they are to the Aporian universe.

-Cameron Tevis